Enrollment Process

Enrollment Process
1. Inquiry about Enrollment:
  • Prospective parents/guardians can inquire about enrollment at inquiry@villagebabies.com
  • Prospective parents/guardians will receive an email response which will include the following:
    • – Introduction to VBDC
    • – Monthly Tuition and Fees
    • – Inquiry Form
2. Scheduling a Tour:
  • If parents/guardians would like to schedule a tour, a completed Inquiry Form can be submitted to inquiry@villagebabies.com.
  • Parents/guardians will receive an email confirming the tour date and time.
3. Enrollment Process:
  • Once parents/guardians complete the tour of VBDC, and would like to proceed with enrollment, an email can be sent to inquiry@villagebabies.com requesting a desired enrollment date.
  • Parents/guardians will receive an email confirming availability of the desired enrollment date. If the desired date is not available, parent/guardian will be provided an alternative date that is available.
  • Parents/guardians will receive an email with registration documents, including a Parent Handbook.
  • When the signed registration documents are received by VBDC, parents/guardians will receive an email from ProCare which will include an invoice for the non-refundable registration fee and enrollment fee. The enrollment fee is equivalent to one month’s tuition and is also non-refundable; however the enrollment fee will be applied to the child’s last month of enrollment, contingent upon required notice provided.
  • The available spot will be secured once registration documents and the registration and enrollment fees have been received by VBDC.
  • All required documents noted in the Parent Handbook must be submitted prior to the first day of attendance.